On my journey of grieving the loss of my mother, my best friend, and closest confidant, I was navigating therapy, yoga, and mindfulness spaces that felt very white-and western-centric. They did not address my particular needs and experiences. Out of that process, I thankfully encountered spaces and healing practitioners that centered Black womxn’s wellbeing and wholeness. It felt like home.  

I’m an educator at heart. All of my work comes back to teaching and building into others. While in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, I’ve developed curriculums rooted in anti-oppression frameworks, facilitated critical dialogues, and created spaces centering womxn of color.

As a holistic educator focused on promoting the wellbeing of womxn in the African diaspora, I specialize in cultivating womanist healing practices for and with Black womxn. I’m trained in Somatic movement practices, as well as a Movement Trauma Healer. I often collaborate with practitioners who focus on yoga, creative/art healing practices, tarot reading, and divination to heal racialized trauma.

I’m also a published academic, writer, traveler, and enthusiastic supporter of those on the front lines of movement organizing.

Research Interests: Cultural Studies, Contemplative Education, Critical Pedagogy, African Diaspora, Womanist Spirituality, Intersectional Feminism, Decolonial Feminism

*Miami University sits on the occupied territory of the Miami Tribe who inhabited and tended to the land from time immemorial. You can visit the Miami Tribe Relations website for more history and information: https://www.miamioh.edu/miami-tribe-relations/index.html

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